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How FUNKY looking are these signs?


The signs are 40cm in diameter.  There are 23 breeds available to choose from.  Each one was designed by us, so it is totally unique.  If your breed is not on the list, you can let us know and we will add it.


Each Sign is completely made out of wood and you can pick your own background, glasses and text colours out of our list of vibrant and funky colours.  You can choose to have no text on the sign, a "welcome" text or even your Pet's Name as the text.


Orders take 6-10 Business days to complete (delivery time excluded).

Funky Petz Sign

PriceFrom R280,00
  • Download the breed list HERE to see images. 

    Breeds available:

    1. Beagle
    2. Border Collie
    3. Boston Terrier
    4. Bull Terrier
    5. Cat 1
    6. Cat 2
    7. Chihuahua
    8. Cocker Spaniel
    9. Dachshund
    10. German Shepherd
    11. Golden Retriever
    12. Husky
    13. Jack Russell Terrier
    14. Labrador
    15. Maltese
    16. Pitbull Terrier
    17. Pomeranian
    18. Poodle
    19. Pug
    20. Rottweiler
    21. Schnauzer
    22. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    23. Yorkshire Terrier
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